Chelsea Handler, 48, Bares It All In A-Natural Shower Selfie With A Twist

It’s been a busy year for Chelsea Handler as she travels around the country on her LBB Tour.

She’s been documenting her time on the road on social media, and on Friday the star shared a series of photos from the past week — from BTS photos from her tour, to an intimate shower photo before her performance.

In the picture, the 48-year-old was pictured with a neck-up top, posing in the shower with her blonde hair styled in a messy bun while she wore an eye mask.

VIDEO: Chelsea Handler braving the cold in a bikini

The comedy icon is no stranger to sharing head-turning posts on social media, and has become notorious for her annual swimsuit posts to mark her birthday – which usually involve hitting the slopes while skiing in a bikini .

In February, Chelsea made sure all eyes were on her as she marked her 48th year, braving the freezing weather in a flag-embellished bikini — which featured both the United States and Canadian flags, which were on her side. Were with ski wear.

Last year, meanwhile, – while she was still dating then-boyfriend Joe Ko – the star posted footage of herself skiing topless on a mountain, and wrote alongside the video: “47. The man I Doing everything I love with him.”

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The star announced her split from Joe in 2022, but is living her best life every year. For her LBB Tour, Chelsea touches on a number of topics close to her heart – giving fans a look into what the person and comedian she is today.

At the time of the tour’s announcement in January, Chelsea teased: “While it’s been so much fun getting back to stand-up, I think the more time I spend with my fans, the better. It’s good to give people a little insight.” How I became who I am today.”

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This isn’t the first time Chelsea has been on the road – the tour follows her successful Vaccinated & Horny Tour – which saw her win a People’s Choice Award for Best Comedy Act.

The comedy star is also incredibly honest about her personal life on her podcast, Dear Chelsea, and last September she reflected on her decision to live a child-free life, which has resulted in much praise.

“I have so much availability not only for my nieces and nephews … but for other children in the world, because I don’t have my own. If I had mine I would be all about them,” she explained.

“I look at it like this – because I don’t have kids of my own, I’m able to send strangers to college. I’m able to support kids I’ll never meet, in countries I’ll never meet.” But I am able to give so much because I do not have my own family and this is my aim for me. [expletive] Mother. I’ll be selfish I want everything to be good for my child and I forget all the other children in the world.”

See more photos of Chelsea Handler below

Chelsea Handler
Award winning star on the red carpet
chelsea handler bikini snow© Photo: Instagram
Comedy stars never take themselves too seriously!

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