Charlemagne recalls partying with Rihanna at ‘Hood Spot in LA’

charlemagne was god He’s talking about how, after drunk tweeting one night, he finally got together Rihanna To party it up in Los Angeles!

Rihanna entertains Charlemagne for a fun night on the town

breakfast club The co-host spoke on the matter during an appearance Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Thursday night (July 20).

Bravo’s Late Night Live with the Host Andy Cohen and fellow guests oscar de la hoya, a viewer called in and asked Charlemagne if the rumors of his night out with Rihanna were true. In turn, he confirmed and explained in detail how it all happened.

He said that, when Twitter was the Wild West, he was “tweeting drunk” and enjoying his night when Rihanna responded and announced, “I want in.”

“It was so insane because I was at SLS in Beverly Hills, and I was tweeting really drunk. I feel like, ‘I’m drunk in LA!’ … She was like, ‘I want to come in.’

While Charlemagne admitted he was initially unsure whether the tweeter was In fact At that point Rihanna, the “Where Have You Been” singer rolled over and took him to “this hood spot”.

“She walked up to the hotel, and she took us to this hooded place in L.A. [There] It was like a liquor store and a fried chicken place right next to it.

he insisted, “It was just some hooded crap. And I was like, ‘Wow. Rihanna really is the new Tupac!’ I felt that way.”

Before moving on, Charlemagne Tha God also shared an extraordinary memory of his time spent with Rihanna. Specifically, he recalled the songwriter taking out “a pile of money” and paying for car service at the end of the evening. IKTR, Riri!

“The highlight of the night was that he paid for the car service at the end of the night. He literally put a wad of money in my hand and said, ‘Car service is outside. Give the money to the bus driver.

He resented being compared to Rihanna and people beyonce

On the subject of Rihanna, Charlemagne also shared his thoughts on her amazing Super Bowl halftime performance earlier this year.

“I think he has done an amazing job. especially [being] pregnant. I think he made the most of his skills.”

Charlemagne also admitted that people are comparing Rihanna to Rihanna beyonce, acknowledging that while Queen Bey has tremendous stage presence, it is “not really Rihanna’s thing.” Instead, RiRi is more laid-back and “always the coolest person in the room.”

“He’s the coolest person in the room [while giving] Hit us.”