Casanova reportedly ‘bitten’ by fellow inmate in prison attack

Shortly after formally renouncing his ties to the Gorilla Stone Nation Bloods gang, the Brooklyn-bred rapper was imprisoned casanova It is being told that the fellow prisoner attacked.

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An officer says Casanova tackled his assailant after he was “cut to the weapon”

According to internal reports obtained by NBC New York, Casanova was assaulted at the Essex County Correctional Facility on Thursday (June 15).

especially, Sarah Wallace NBC’s I-Team reports that correctional officers cited Casanova as having “cut with a weapon by another inmate” Name ulysses lugo,

However, the rapper was reportedly able to gain the upper hand and is accused of retaliating against his attacker with the help of others. According to a responding officer, Lugo was eventually left covered in blood by the ordeal.

“Prisoner Lugo, you couldn’t see his face because he was covered in blood… His whole face was covered in blood, and his whole uniform was covered in blood.”

As for Casanova, the officer says he was “sitting there, and blood was pouring out of his face.”

Despite this sad account, Anthony Puglisi — an Essex County spokesman — just announced, “This minor incident and whether weapons were used are being investigated.”

Rapper recently sought to distance himself from gang life: “I’m out”

Casanova was attacked shortly after word broke about renouncing his gang ties in a letter to Judge Philip Halpern.

All of Hip Hop shared the news after receiving the letter, and Casanova reportedly made his proclamation pleading for leniency. After all, he faces a maximum of 60 years behind bars.

In fact, the “So Brooklyn” rapper declared, “I don’t have to join a gang to be successful.”

“I am telling you and anyone who will listen that I wanted out before I got arrested and I am out. I have learned through my music career that people will listen and see me associating myself with a gang in order to be successful. Even if I don’t succeed, I don’t need to join a gang.”

Later, Casanova admitted that he was “not a man [who] Somebody needs to worry about the future. He was also sure to note that he was “sorry for.” [his] past.”

“I am sorry for my past… I am not asking you to ignore the bad. There’s a lot of it. I’m asking you to see the other side that was finally starting to shine. I am not who the government wants you to believe I am and I am not the man you or anyone needs to worry about in the future.

There is no further update on the case, and the rapper will be sentenced on June 27.