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Cardi B is slowly but surely restoring harmony among today’s leading ladies in music. The Grammy-winning Bronx rapper helms the fresh trend of female-female collaborations, and it’s catapulted her into a new role within her star power: Feature Fairy.

Case in point: Cardi B’s new collaboration with Leto, “Put It On Da Floor Again,” sits at No. 7 on Apple Music’s Top Songs chart and has garnered 11 million views on YouTube since its viral music release. Viewed more than . Video on June 2. The remixed tracks can get all music fans talking about following its decline, and the same goes for fellow female rappers who showed their support. maaya the don release day Tweeted Lyrics from Cardi B’s verse, writing, “Im sexy dancing in the crib feel like Britney Spears 😭😭😭😭!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Glorilla, meanwhile, wrote on twitter, “If Cardi don’t sh*t she slide on an MF beat 😂😂🔥🔥🔥 go cousinnnnn @iamcardib.” And the excitement over the new track only continued on June 4 at Summer Jam 2023 when Cardi B brought Latto on stage to perform with him.

“She’s creating a sisterhood to help other women win at the biggest scale and building friendships along the way.”

“Put It On Da Floor Again” is just one recent example of Cardi B using her platform to uplift up-and-coming and already established women in her music peer group. Even though she may not have invented this modern-day movement, she is certainly mobilizing it with organic cues and camaraderie that have been lacking for the past decade.

Cardi B’s promotional feature package doesn’t just include a fiery guest verse and an immaculate rollout from her side. More often than not, this guarantees public support to her female colleagues, proof that Cardi B is doing much more than just bolstering her discography. She’s forming a sisterhood to help other women win as big as possible, and building friendships along the way.

In a 2021 Cosmopolitan interview, Normani — who teamed up with Cardi B that year for her “Wild Side” collaboration — talked about how supportive Cardi B has been of her career over the years, explaining that the rap star “has great energy” and “such a genuine soul.” About working on their song together, Normani said, “He brought this experience and such light to me after not releasing for the last two years. I feel like he has given me comfort and a safe place for me.” given a place.”

Even fans can’t forget the sweet way Cardi B came to Summer Walker’s rescue when the singer’s love life made headlines years ago. She appeared in the “bitter” intro to Walker’s “Still Over It” album in 2021 (and stayed with SZA on his “No Love” remix in 2022) as a blunt message that prompted the “Over It” songwriter to move on. To be encouraged with grace in the face of adversity. Cardi B says, “Even if you got problems, incorporate that drama into your music, yeah / Cause if b*tches wanna dominate you, you gonna dominate them.” “… make ’em feel hurt, hit ’em where it hurts / And put that shit in your music and make money off it in your music.”

Some might argue that Cardi B’s collaborations with today’s hottest female acts seem like strategic career planning, considering she hasn’t dropped an album since early 2018. But from what his teammates have said, the “Up” rapper has maintained an authentic bond with all of his musical co-stars after working together. Speaking to POPSUGAR, Glorilla – who teamed up with Cardi B for “Tomorrow 2” – revealed she didn’t anticipate how big their duet would be, but she’s “grateful that it blew up”. . And he is still engaged to Cardi B to this day. “I don’t even know how to describe that moment. It was just crazy because I’m a fan of Cardi’s,” Glorilla shared. “I was a Cardi fan before I actually started rapping, and she was one of the people I looked up to when I [officially] started.”

“I’m really glad she did it because she didn’t have to share her stage with me. I really applaud her for that.”

According to the “FNF (Let’s Go)” rapper, Cardi B’s verse on “Tomorrow 2” was “a surprise to me.” “I didn’t know what was going on. And when I text her — she always texts me back fast; she doesn’t boogie or anything — she texted me back, and she was the one who Told her she was on my song. I didn’t even know,” Glorilla explained. “That was an iconic moment. That song is going down in history.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Cardi B created a moment out of one of her iconic collaborations. When she and Megan Thee Stallion declared 2020 to be the year of “WAP,” they reached an incredible milestone for female empowerment in one of the most male-dominated genres of music and beyond. The pair’s unapologetic ode to women’s bodies serves as a powerful moment, but it was especially special for the stars who were chosen to appear in Cardi B and Megan’s playful music video. Why? Because some had no idea how closely Cardi B was monitoring her career at the time.

Back in 2020, Latto — before she skyrocketed to household-name status and became a Grammy nominee — told Interview Magazine that she didn’t take seriously the request to appear in the first “WAP” video. The rapper revealed, “When I got that call, I swear my manager was kidding me.” “My mind couldn’t register the fact that Cardi B even knew who I was, let alone wanted to put me in her video. I will always love her for that because she knew we needed to be put in that video.” what will happen to our careers.”

Rapper Sukhihana had a similarly shocked response when she was called to appear in “WAP”, as she explained that it “opened doors” for her shortly after being mentioned in the same breath as Cardi B. “A lot of people want to work with me. I’m getting cast in different magazines now. It’s a big help, and I’m really excited because a lot of people are watching me,” she told Interview Magazine Time. “I’m really glad she did it because she didn’t have to share her stage with me. I really applaud her for that.”

Cardi B’s track record of collaborating with women over the years includes songs with acts such as City Girls (“Twerk”) and Lizzo (“Rumors”), as well as the above. Most of these releases have been either certified Gold by the RIAA. Or has gone platinum. Not to mention, the rap star has also given shoutouts to other female artists in the past like Savvy, Cupcakes, and Ice Spice — the latter of which happened when Cardi B performed the “stage” in “Tomorrow 2.” ” referenced the rapper. *gga a munch and he’ll eat me like a mango.”) And despite having only one studio album as well as two successful mixtapes that dropped earlier, he’s maintained maximum relevance for the past five years , primarily due to her numerous charting collaborations – which also include Bad Bunny and male artists such as J Balvin, Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, Kanye West, her husband, Offset and Migos. It’s their friendship that has proved most influential – especially in today’s music climate that pits women against each other.

It’s no secret that the ongoing feud between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj stemmed from their infamous “Motorsport” collaboration in 2018. The same can be said for Minaj, though, as she’s stuck with up-and-comers in hip-hop on tracks like Sexy Red (“Pound Town 2”) and Koi Lere (“Blik Blik”). She even dropped the “Queen mix” of her “Super Freaky Girl” single with City Girls, Bia, Malibu Mitch, Katy Got Bandz, and Akbar V’s JT, and the “Barbie” movie single with Ice Spice. also their “Princess Diana” remix.

More noticeably, however, fans are picking on Cardi B’s affinity for connecting with her female peers — both in the studio and elsewhere — to dispel a myth that pervades hip-hop, Specifically, for decades now: Only one woman can stay at the top of the game at a time.

“We’re supporting each other and collaborating. The industry, fan base and blogs want us to beef, but we’re making it a friendly sport.”

“Record label guys putting money behind girls [are] listening to. As a result, individual artists are coming to the fore faster than others,” Cardi B explained in a recent Instagram Live while talking female rappers. Looking for more. You can’t blame anyone for that. , you can’t blame a machine for it. You can’t blame anything for it. Labels are just going to put money behind artists that people are listening to.”

This makes it even more clear what might be motivating Cardi B’s characterization to run alongside the women in her music circle. Instead of treating her collaborations like a business transaction, she’s connecting with fellow artists to the point where they know they can always call on her for support. “She’s such a humble person. I always thank her,” Glorilla told POPSUGAR in reference to “Tomorrow 2”. “I don’t think she likes when I constantly thank her because she’ll thank me back. She’ll be like, ‘Uh-uh, you don’t have to do that.’ She’s just a sweet, humble person.”

By sharing her shine with the artists of today, Cardi B is leading a new narrative to give women the spotlight she knows they deserve. “It’s a beautiful time for female rap right now. We’re creating a new agenda,” Lato added in her conversation with Interview Magazine. “We’re supporting each other and collaborating. The industry, fan base and blogs want us to beef, but we’re making it a friendly sport.”

Which female artist will Cardi B tap next? the possibilities are endless. Some speculate it may be due to his Bronx counterpart Scar Lipp. recent studio sessions, But whatever her next collaborator, fans have a feeling this will be another surefire hit.

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