Candice reacts to Robyn keeping Juan Dixon rumors out of RHOP

Candice Dillard Bassett ‘The Real Housewives Of Potomac’ Is Speaking Her Mind About The Recent Cheating Controversy Juan and Robin Dixon, Bassett is making it clear that she’s “feeling bamboozled!”

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She Says Chris Bassett Was Blown Up While ‘A Real Scandal Off’

During Sunday night’s episode of ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,’ Bassett addressed Dixon, Giselle BryantAnd Ashley Darby To help keep the rumors under wraps.

Specifically, she was asked to share her “reaction to finding out Robin – and Giselle and Ashley – knew about the rumors surrounding Juan last season and never brought them up.”

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In response, Bassett humorously announced that she “want to eat [her] Shoe. The “Drive Back” singer also declared, “I was, like, dazed, and I felt bamboozled.”

She elaborated on her reaction and explained that the rumors about her husband, chris bassettwere put on blast while Juan was released as the season was filmed.

“How can you carry this fake story about Chris all across the United States and the Potomac when you know there is a real scam going on?”

Candice Bassett Says Porsha Williams Throws ‘Passive-Aggressive’ Shade Before She Explains How They Became

In addition to the Juan Dixon situation, Bassett also addressed some of his on-screen drama. Porsha Williams. The feud is actively underway on Peacock’s ‘The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip’.

in fact, as shadow room As previously reported, Bassett and Williams are working on it!

Regarding the difference between their debating styles, Bassett said that Williams was “passive-aggressive” while he, in person, tried to be “direct” with his own reading.

“Porsha was being passive-aggressive with him. I was very direct, like, ‘Hey! Here is my shade tree. I am coming to kill you with this.’ You knew it was coming. Porsha used to say, ‘I’m a good girl.’ Then boom, ‘No, I’m not.'”

However, despite their ‘RHUGT’ headbutt, Candias said she and Porsha ended on good terms. He also said that his main issue was sparked over his friendship with Porsha. monique samuelsHe talked through it though.

“We haven’t really had big issues… We talked about it, we got over it, and beyond that — I’m a lively person. And Porsha has a fun vibe.

Candice reveals she ran into Porsha and Simon Guobadia American-themed wedding. Meanwhile, Monique was at Porsha’s Nigerian-themed wedding, so everything went peacefully in the end!