Can we skip the Eastern Conference play-in tournament this year?

In form of nba As the regular season nears its end, teams continue to jockey for playoff and play-in tournament position, creating some wild races toward the finish line. run in west is setting up for a photo finish over the last few days, with both playoff and play-in implications on the line. e in overNo, once you’re off the top, it’s not that exciting. Other than this Brooklyn Nets And Miami Heat At six and seven, respectively, in the standings, that conference is largely determined.

Looking at the teams currently occupying the play-in spots, none should make it through this tournament and into the playoffs. miami, atlanta, torontoAnd chicago Seeds in E represent numbers 7-10Astha. There could be some reshuffling within that group, but those teams are at least locked in for play-in, with the Heat still having a chance to overcome the Nets for the sixth seed.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be unfathomable to consider skipping the play-ins this year, as they are unlikely to win a game in the first round against either of them. Milwaukee Or boston, The combination doesn’t really matter. The Heat and Raptors may have their best chance to steal the game in the first round, but don’t bet any money on it. Between the Bucks and the Celtics, they spent most of the year in first or second place in the conference.

Are We Heading Towards a Bucks-Celtics Finals?

It looks like Milwaukee and Boston are destined to meet in the Eastern Conference Finals Philadelphia Being the only team able to throw a wrench in those plans. It would be somewhat of a blow if the Bucks and Celtics didn’t go against their first-round opponents. boston did last year against Kyrie Irving And Kevin Durant’s Net. But there was hope (at least in some people’s minds) that Brooklyn could make some noise with the play-in.

This season is very different, as none of these fans will miss this year’s E!astern seaConference Play-in Teams. Miami clearly hasn’t been the same team that made a run for the No. 1 seed and ECF post-season, as they struggled to stay above. 500 through most of the 2022-23 campaign. Eastern Conference play-in isn’t as exciting this time around, especially compared to wEst. Dallas With three games remaining and just a half game behind 10th-seeded Oklahoma City is still mathematically alive in the play-in race in the West thunder.

Of course, this will never happen, but there should be an option to flex entire play-in tournaments (like NFL Sunday Night Football) if participants are considered to have no shot at winning a single game if they advance to the first game. Round. But we all know that there is so much money tied up in this play-in tournament that this could never happen. So, we’ll have to sit back and watch these lambs being led to the slaughter in E. coliastern seaconference.