Bussy calls for protests after prosecutors deny bond release

Boosie is calling for public protests because prosecutors in his federal gun case have reportedly refused to honor his bond release. As The Shade Room previously reported, he was posted a $50,000 bond after being arrested by federal agents last week.

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Boosie took to Twitter to share the update and call for protests

On Wednesday evening, Boosie took to Twitter to share a lengthy update regarding his bond and pending release.

The rapper explained that although he posted a $50,000 bond, prosecutors in his case refused to “respect” the judge’s decision to release him.

“After the judge posted me on bond and I paid my full cash balance, the prosecution refused to honor the judge’s decision to let me go…”

Boosie pointed out that prosecutors have no reason to suspect him as a “flight risk or a danger to the community”.

Additionally, the rapper accused one of the prosecutors of “singing Wipe Me Down…” with the evil eye.

“Prosecutor Mr. Wheat looked at me singing Wipe Me Down, wiped his shoulders and shook his head with a look of evil in his eyes. This is complete misconduct of a prosecutor…”

Boosie then accused one of the prosecutors of being “racist” and explained that he had filed another appeal, asking the judge to keep him in jail.

“He is racist and has bad intentions. Now they have filed an appeal asking another judge to keep me in jail…”

Boosie ended his tweet by explaining that he needed the public to “protest” the “injustice” being meted out to him.

“I need the people of San Diego outside the courtroom tomorrow to protest the injustice being done to me. I would like all prayer warriors around the world to pray for Mr. Wheat and this prosecution from this Southern District of California to be removed from my case. Even my lawyers haven’t seen anything like this in their careers. Help me fight this injustice and pray for my freedom tomorrow.

As of Thursday morning, Boosie has not returned to his Twitter account with an update regarding the matter. According to VladTV, the “new judge” must review the prosecution’s appeal “before he can be released”.

More details regarding the rapper’s bond, arrest and federal charges

As The Shade Room previously reported, a “controversial hearing” was held on Tuesday where US Magistrate Judge Allison Goddard set Boosey a $50,000 bond.

During the hearing, prosecutors argued that the rapper was a flight risk. Meanwhile, his legal team argued that the charges against Boosie are “unnecessary federal prosecution”.

At the time, Boosie’s bond release date was unclear.

Earlier, it was revealed that federal agents arrested the 40-year-old rapper after he was seen on Instagram Live with a gun in his waistband. Additionally, according to authorities, the rapper was allegedly traveling with a weapon in May.

These findings led to Boosey being arrested outside a San Diego courthouse last week on charges of possession of a weapon by a felon.