Bucks’ Giannis reporter pounces on over-season ‘failure’ question

giannis antetocampo was no part of this reporter’s question after being asked about milwaukee bucks Season.

The question came after the Bucks and Miami Heat game on Wednesday (April 26) night.

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Giannis snapped at a reporter who asked if the season was a failure because the Bucks lost 4–1 in the first round to the top seed in the Eastern Conference. The situation changed after the Bucks lost Wednesday’s game 128–126.

“It’s not a failure,” Antetokounmpo said in a Video Tweeted by NBA TV. “It’s steps to success. There are always steps to it. Michael Jordan played 15 years, won six championships, another nine years [were] a failure? that’s what you’re telling me

He continued: “…this is the wrong question. There is no failure in sports. There are good days, there are bad days. Some days you are successful, some days you are not. Some days it is your turn, some days it is not your turn.

Expectations are high for Milwaukee this season after 2021 NBA Championship win

He said that losing is a part of the game and doesn’t seem to have much significance in his team’s playoff performance.

“And that’s the game. You don’t always win. Sometimes other people win. And this year, someone else is going to win, it’s that simple.”

Giannis had 38 points (14-27 FG, 0-2 3Pt, 10-23 FT), 20 rebounds and three assists in 42 minutes during Wednesday’s overtime loss to Miami in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals ESPN,

Expectations were high going into the 2023 playoffs for Giannis and the Bucks, who are just two years away from winning their first NBA championship in 50 years in 2021, as reported shadow room those days.

That year, the Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Phoenix Suns in Game 6 of the NBA Finals to clinch the championship.

With a final score of 105 to 98, the Milwaukee Bucks did what many believed was impossible – winning their first NBA championship since 1971.

The Bucks claimed the trophy with the help of their superstar player, Giannis, who scored a massive 50 points during the game. He also had 14 rebounds and five blocked shots.