Brittany Griner’s wife Cheryl became an attorney

congratulations are in order Brittany Grinerwife of, Cherrell GrinerBecause he is now an official advocate!

Brittany Griner says she’s ‘extremely proud’ when giving Cherelle flowers

Cherrelle Griner recently shared the exciting news on Instagram. Beneath a series of photos showing her, Brittany and others reminiscing the occasion, Griner said her accomplishment “wasn’t easy.”

However, as she continued through law school, Griner shared, “You can now address me as Counselor” — period!

She also acknowledged her status as an HBCU law school graduate, as she completed her studies at North Carolina Central University (NCCU) School of Law last year.

Additionally, he has already updated his Instagram display name to “Cherrelle T. Griner, Esq.”

Shortly after Cherrell’s initial post, Brittney Griner praised his wife in a separate upload.

Within Britney’s message, she acknowledged all the “hard work, determination and passion” that Cherrell displayed during her law school.

“There are not enough words for me to express how proud I am of you, baby. To be able to see the hard work, determination and passion you have put in during this journey of becoming a lawyer!

Brittany Griner wrapped up her message lovingly by declaring “Congratulations Attorney Cherrelle Griner.”

Cherrelle Griner fighting for Britney in the public eye

Of course, when mentioning Cherrelle Griner, we have to speak on how he aided his WNBA athlete wife in the fight to get her home from Russia.

In early 2022, Brittany Griner was detained in Russia after being caught with some cannabis cartridges, and she remained in custody until December.

As shadow room As previously reported, Cherrelle Griner was in contact with the White House during this period. He called on President Joe Biden to help bring his wife home.

As Brittany Griner was in custody, Cherrell was also making sure to post to the public, as she shared that the experience was taking its toll on the athlete.

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Once his wife was back in America, Cherrelle Griner said that his emotional homecoming “didn’t feel real.”

Thank you Cherrelle Griner for being a perfect advocate!