Brian Windhorst gives the latest update on Tyler Herro

The Miami Heat runs backcourt during the first half of the Eastern Conference First Round Playoff game against the Milwaukee Bucks at Fiserv Forum on April 16, 2023 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
(Photo by Stacey Revere / Getty Images)

By pulling off a Game 2 win in the NBA Finals over the Denver Nuggets, the Miami Heat proved they have what it takes to make it a very long series.

And they have a secret weapon that they may soon pull out.

Brian Windhorst spoke to Get Up and said that shooter Tyler Herro could be back soon.

Windhorst said that Herro “has made a comeback in a big way,” even though an official return date is not certain.

But the Heat aren’t feeling the pressure to get him back on the court.

“Because the Heat won Game 2 and they are not facing the frustration of an 0-2 hole, they have options. They don’t need to recall HERO,” said Windhorst.

Herro has been out of commission since injuring his hand in Game 1 of the playoffs against the Milwaukee Bucks months ago.

It was unclear whether he would be able to return for any later part of the season.

In fact, it was not even clear whether his team would make it to the second round or not.

Now the team has found a great rhythm and has driven all the way to the end of the playoffs.

They’ve won on the road with their Game 2 win, evening the series, and restoring hope for fans.

This means that they do not need to summon Hero until he is fully prepared and fully recovered.

As Windhorst said, he is now a “luxury good” for a team that has a number of other strong shooters on its roster.

Players like Duncan Robinson, Gabe Vincent and Max Strauss are doing their best to pick up the weight left by Herro.

They are doing a great job at it.

We’re not entirely sure whether or not we’ll see Herro play in the finals.

But if he does, it will only be because he’s really ready.

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