Brett Favre defeated Herschel Walker


illustrations, AP

Mr. Packer barely overcomes East Georgia Bulldogs to capture inaugural game jackass bracket Championship. This matchup was the closest of the tournament so far, and these competitive jackass saved their best for last. If this had been an actual contest on the field, it would have come down to the second game-winning field goal. Favre eventually took it by less than a percentage point. How close it was, and it was the perfect way to close out a first-ever Jackass title game.

Favre and Walker were neck-and-neck in the polls until the last minute. While some of you thought Walker could have been a higher seed, you definitely agreed that these two men were the biggest jackholes In area. Either way, both are mega ass clowns, but Favre is the lucky participant to call himself the first Deadspin Sports Jackass Bracket Champ. The only thing left to do is to defend his title against a new crop of jackass next year. So, we haven’t heard the last of Brett, as he’s bound to do something stupid or scandalous by this time next year.

Here’s how the previous rounds went

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first round results

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