Biggest Celebrity Breakups of 2023

The “Vanderpump Rules” stars’ breakup has been dubbed one of the biggest celebrity scandals of the year so far because, unlike other famous pairings, their split wasn’t exactly amicable. Indeed, on March 3, their relationship ended after TMZ broke the news of Sandoval’s affair with Raquel Lewis. The fallout was so great that Bravo filmed additional footage for the “Vanderpump Rules” season 10 finale and aired a bombshell. A three-part reunion ensued, where Sandoval, Maddix, and Lewis all came face-to-face to address their issues.

In the weeks following Sandoval and Maddix’s public breakup, several updates were reported about the former’s affair, including a vague timeline of when it allegedly began and when Sandoval claims it began. In an Instagram statement on March 8, he apologized to his ex-girlfriend Maddix for “making a reckless decision that hurt someone I love”. Maddix then released her statement on Instagram on 16 March, thanking friends, family and fans “for all the love and support”. He finally said, “It is better to run away from something that does not kill me.”

Both reality-TV stars have since moved on from their relationship, with Maddix being linked to fitness coach Daniel Y in April. It is unclear whether Sandoval is still meeting Lewis or whether she is currently dating someone else.