Beyonce and Kelly Rowland help fund housing units in Houston

Houston native beyonce And Kelly Rowland Partnering with Harris County officials to help build permanent housing units in your hometown that will directly benefit some of the city’s homeless population!

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$7.2 million project “will create 31 permanent supportive housing units”

judge lina hidalgo discussed the matter during Press conference earlier this week.

Launching the initiative, she shared that she is “seeking approval of $7.2M in American Rescue Plan funds for the Knowles-Roland House Project.”

Hidalgo said the project aims to “build 31 new permanent supportive housing units for people experiencing homelessness.” She was also sure to discuss some of the successful efforts within the county to help reduce homelessness.

“Harris County and the City of Houston, together with the Coalition for the Homeless, have reduced homelessness by 20 percent in the midst of the pandemic, and we have been able to maintain that reduction. We re-counted the homeless.

Judge said that, although she certainly supports the initiative, it is “especially interesting” to see it receive support from Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland. Additionally, he noted that the artist “has been a supporter of the community for a very long time.”

,[With] Initiatives like this, I would certainly support, regardless of who’s behind it, but I think this one is particularly interesting because it includes the names of Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland, who have certainly been around for a long time. Have been supportive of the community. Too long.”

There Will Be a “Big Initiative and Launch” When Beyoncé Is Back in Town

In addition to sharing that the project is backed by Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland, Lina Hidalgo said that a “major initiative” focused on the matter would take place in September.

“This is actually a project that is supported by Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland, and so we’re going to have a big initiative and launch later in September, around the time that we know Beyoncé will be back for her concerts.” Coming to town.”

According to her website, Bey is scheduled to be on H-Town on September 23 and 24.

As fans wait to see what this “launch” will look like, people continue to express their gratitude for the initiative.

clergy and workers Rudy Rasmus — co-founder of Houston’s Bread of Life organization — says she’s “grateful” to see Beyoncé and Kelly step up to help their city, according to Krone.

He also revealed that Beyoncé and Kelly started the initiative when they were still together. michelle williams – Helped finance a youth center in 2002.

“This will be our fifth housing development in Precinct 1 downtown in the last 17 years, and I am truly grateful for continuing to help end homelessness in our county.”