Asian Doll defends King Von amid release of ‘serial killer’ doc

According to Vibe, ‘King Von: Rap’s First Serial Killer’ releases on Friday, April 7. However, the video was removed from YouTube on Sunday, 9 April.

Trap Lor Ross later took to his secondary YouTube account, Trap More Ross, to share another video. He explained that the behind-the-scenes documentary was to be “silenced” by the rapper’s entourage to “expose” King Von as a “serial killer”.

Furthermore, they also pointed out that the display of weapons and other graphic content in the documentary violates YouTube’s community rules and guidelines.

However, on Tuesday, April 11, the documentary was back on YouTube. Trap Lore Ross informed his fans about the update.

“The video is back.”

Additionally, he shared the edits he made to the documentary to keep it in good standing with YouTube’s community rules and content policies.

“Blurred out all the guns, vapes, weed, and cigarettes. Broke off Biello discussing the fact that no funeral home would take Vaughan’s body (even though he’s clearly an angel and all that cap) Removed some details of the deaths, removing speculation over who lined up the Ducks (new information omitted).