Arnold Schwarzenegger Never Stopped Loving Maria Shriver After Affair and Painful Divorce

Arnold Schwarzenegger, The famous 75-year-old actor has given heartbreaking details about his public divorce from Maria Shriver, His wife of 25 years.

In an intimate discussion with The Hollywood Reporter, the former California governor characterized the split as “my failure,” giving a candid account of his feelings, regrets and still-abiding love for his ex-wife.

maria and arnold© Photo: Rex
Arnold opens up about his divorce from Mariah

The actor has found a strange resonance of his own experiences in the character he embodies in his latest Netflix CIA series, Fuber.

The narrative of his character, Luke, bears a striking resemblance to The Terminator star’s own marital history, particularly with regard to infidelity.

Mildred and Joseph Baena 4
Mildred Baena with Arnold’s son Joseph

In fact, just two months before Mariah filed for divorce in July 2011, it was revealed that Arnold had fathered a child with his former housekeeper., Mildred Baena, who was with her family for nearly 20 years.

Their extramarital affair resulted in the birth of their son, Joseph, with whom they now have a close relationship.

Arnold Schwarzenegger © Photo: Getty Images
Arnold was married to Maria for 20 years

Click on the video below to watch the Hollywood star react when asked about the affair in an interview with ABC News…

WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger opens up about affair with housekeeper

In a moment of self-reflection, Arnold told The Hollywood Reporter: “We were laughing about it — it’s like a documentary.

“The difference is, in the show, he doesn’t consider it cheating because [seducing CIA assets] It was part of his profession. but in [my real-life marriage to Shriver]It was my failure. Also, in the show, he is still head over heels in love with his wife.”

dwts joseph baena arnold schwarzenegger© Photo: Instagram
Arnold is very close to his son Joseph

When questioned about banishing the institution of marriage, the former bodybuilder answered a clear “no,” adding: “[The divorce] It was very, very difficult in the beginning. Eventually, you move on. I have a wonderful girlfriend [physical therapist] Heather Milligan, who is very successful. I’m really proud of her, and I love her.”

The former couple, despite their differences, have created a cordial co-parenting environment for their children.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Family© Photo: Instagram
Arnold and Maria co-parent their kids in a positive way

Arnold praised their shared parenting successes, saying: “She and I are really good friends and very close, and we’re very proud of the way we’ve raised our kids.

“Even though we had this drama, we did Easter together, Mother’s Day together, Christmas together, all birthdays — everything together.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger 7
arnold and maria are still friends

“If there’s an Oscar for handling the divorce, Mariah and I should get it for having the least impact on the kids.

“The sweetness and kindness you see in him is from my wife. The discipline and work ethic is from me,” he said proudly.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
The former couple have four children – daughters Katherine, 33, and Christina, 31, and sons Patrick, 29, and Christopher, 25.

The former couple have four children – daughters Katherine, 33, and Christina, 31, and sons Patrick, 29, and Christopher, 25.

Earlier this year, Mariah herself talked about their breakup. She reveals that after the end of their marriage, she sought refuge and advice in a cloistered convent.

The veteran TV journalist reflected on heartbreak, revealing she visited a convent “to be quiet and seek advice” shortly after their breakup. Mariah, who is a member of the Kennedy family, made the candid revelation on the latest episode of the Making Space with Hoda Kotb podcast, describing her experience to the TODAY star as “a scene out of The Sound of Music.”

Maria confessed: “The reverend mother there told me at the very end, she said – and I’ve actually written about this, but I haven’t shared – she said, ‘I think you’re looking for permission here. I had come. ‘You can’t come live here, but you’re allowed to go out and be Maria,’ she says. I was sobbing. I was like, ‘Who is that?’ ,

Their divorce was finalized in December 2021, a decade after announcing their separation.

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