Are Kylie Jenner Dating Timothée Chalamet After Breakup With Travis Scott?

We’ve heard some crazy romance rumors in our time, but the internet was in full meltdown in early April 2023 over the question of whether Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet are dating — and no, we’re not.

In a 2018 interview with W Magazine, Chalamet revealed why the word “date” scares him. “Date is a very scary word because then that context is established. You can always see it in people’s early date behavior,” she said at the time. Chalamet also told Harry Styles in a 2018 interview with i-D that she considers the “meaning of life” to be “deeply in love” and ” Love openly” admits “that we are all here only for so long. live and let live. love deeply. Love openly And know that a wise man knows he is ignorant but develops more understanding,” he had said at the time. Read on to find out if there is any truth to this latest and wildest rumour.

Are Kylie Jenner & Timothée Chalamet Dating?

Are Kylie Jenner & Timothée Chalamet Dating? There has of course been no confirmation from either side that they are, but on April 6, 2023, celebrity gossip Instagram account DeuxMoi posted an anonymous tip claiming that “multiple sources have told me that Timmy C has a new girl… Kylie Jenner. .”

It’s important to remember that DeuxMoi herself—whoever she is, her identity remains anonymous, but we do know she’s from New York City—has never claimed that any of the rumors circulated by her account are accurate or true. She told the New York Times in 2020, “I’ve always stood by what I’ve said from day one, which is that this information has not been proven to be based in fact.” “I don’t do any additional research. I’m not a reporter.”

On the other hand, DeuxMoi was the first to correctly report that Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny were dating, and in terms of surprising celebrity relationships, we certainly couldn’t have predicted Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson dating, let alone when. Till he did.

Apparently, the collective online community is reacting strongly to the alleged relationship – which could date back as far as January 2023 and Paris Fashion Week if an anonymous tipster is to be believed. One Twitter user tweeted, “The streets are saying Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner are dating… Jenner collecting my men like Pokémon, signing.” “Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner dating was not in my 2023 bingo card what the fuck is going on,” tweeted another.

On April 13, 2023, another gossip site gave proof that they are dating or seeing each other. TMZ took pictures of Jenner’s car driving past Chalamet’s home in Beverly Hills. This puts more evidence that they could be dating, but it’s not really known yet.

It’s unlikely we’ll ever hear from Chalamet himself because he’s been quite private. At a press conference at the Venice Film Festival in 2022, the actor explained to reporters why he doesn’t use social media often. “To be young now, and to be young whenever—I can only speak for my generation—is to be judged intensely,” he said. “I can’t imagine what it’s like to grow up with the onslaught of social media, and it was a relief to play characters who are struggling with an internal dilemma, including the ability to go on Reddit, or Twitter, Instagram or TikTok Not there. out where they fit. He continued, “I’m not passing judgment. You can find your tribe out there. [But] I find it difficult to survive now. I feel that social collapse is in the air.

Chalamet’s last confirmed relationship was with Lily Rose Depp, daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, ending in April 2021. They met in July 2018 while shooting for the Netflix film, King. They sparked dating rumors in September and October 2018 after they were photographed kissing in New York City. In September 2019, the couple was photographed kissing on a yacht in Capri, Italy, during the Venice Film Festival. Chalamet told GQ in October 2020 how the photographs affected him. “I went to bed that night thinking it was one of the best days of my life,” he said. “I was on this boat all day with someone I really loved, and closing my eyes, I was undeniably like, this was great.” “Waking up looking at all these pictures, and feeling embarrassed, and looking like a real nobleman? All pale? He continued,” And then people say: It’s a PR stunt. A PR stunt?! Do you think I would want to look like this in front of all of you?”

Meanwhile, Jenner’s on-again, off-again relationship with Travis Scott – with whom she shares two children – ended for the second time in January 2023. According to Us Weekly, the “Sicko Mode” rapper and the Kardashian star have been spending time apart since the holidays. “Kylie and Travis are off again, they were supposed to spend the holidays together, but she went to Aspen to be with her family and friends,” the insider said of the former couple. “It’s happened a few times before, they’ve been known to go off again, but always remain friends and good co-parents.” The difference in lifestyle has affected their relationship. “With two kids, Kylie doesn’t go out much. Travis, on the other hand, stays up late at the studio and goes out with friends,” says the source. “The two love and respect each other and co Will be a parent.”

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