Are Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Still Together? are they still married

In March, Ben Affleck revealed that he and friend Matt Damon would produce Artist Equity stopIt starred none other than Affleck’s wife, Jennifer Lopez. This begs the question, does a couple that works together, stays together? History doesn’t side with him, but with copious side projects in addition stopAffleck and Lopez are both too busy with their own independent work to avoid stress on set: Affleck Air Coming to Prime Video and celebrating Lopez’s release Mother on Netflix on May 12, 2023.

as we awkwardly shuffle through the memories GigliWhile the 1993 epic flop, starring both Affleck and Lopez, Affleck gave us some solid reasons to believe this new project might save our faith in “Bennifer” as a collaborative pairing we can celebrate ( and forgive).

Affleck reluctantly admitted to UK news publication The Independent that Lopez was starring. stop, He referred to Lopez as not only his wife but his best friend; Someone he wanted to go to work with and spend his time with.

Not even the weight of the power imbalance that dominates their professional association. Lopez is hardly resting on her laurels while Affleck is busy negotiating new productions. In MotherShe stars as an assassin who comes out of hiding to protect her abandoned daughter from violent assailants who chase both women.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Gigli

GIGLI, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, 2003. Image: Columbia / Courtesy Everett Collection

as Harley Santos shades of blue, Lopez defies cynicism by imitating her single mother police detective with the compassion, steely, determination, and intelligence of a hardened New York cop facing the end of her career. is also the exciting subject of her impending ninth album this is me nowwith some lyrics that directly address Ben and his marriage (no release date confirmed).

The most solid reason to believe in his new project, stop—a biopic about Arizona State wrestler Anthony Robles—that Affleck is a producer, writer, and co-star in. Co-founder Matt Damon, along with Artists Equity, his production company, is backing the project, which bodes well given his recent success story Air,

Nike’s biopic touts Affleck’s prowess as a director, writer, and actor who blazes the field when he’s creatively in charge of his projects. The film recounts the unusual story of small-town basketball coach Sonny Vaccarello (played by Matt Damon), who eventually brokered the historic deal between Nike and basketball star Michael Jordan. It joins a league of other Affleck-directed films that have thrilled critics and audiences alike: live by night (2016), Argo (2012), City (2010) and gone Baby Gone (2007).

Gigli what was it for bennifer eyes wide Shut was for tom cruise and nicole kidman or by the sea For Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: The final, filmic nail in the coffin of their romance. Would it have mattered if those films had not flopped? that’s suspicious. Like those couples who suddenly had to live in each other’s pockets during the pandemic, spending all the time on a film set under deadline and then going home together will push even the sweetest of relationships to the brink.
But 20 years can do a lot for perspective, experience, personal and professional growth. Over the past two decades, Affleck married Jennifer Garner, became a father, and divorced, drank, and was shamed by the media for every shameful act he did (that tattoo was fair enough).

Lopez married, divorced, became a mother, and expanded her career as a pop star, actor, beauty brand founder, fashion campaign star, and children’s book author. Both the personalities are restless creators who have no desire to be tied down to any one role or one genre. One of the key realizations for both of them, which Ben and Jen learned the hard way, is that when they take the creative reigns and take ownership of their projects, they (usually) get the job done.

While everyone loves a happily ever after, and Bennifer 2.0 appears to be a dreamy romance story that fired Hollywood’s imagination, this new collaborative project could be make-or-break for the couple. Gigli What broke them at once was particularly savage media commentary (“sexist, racist” according to Affleck) that pushed the boundaries of film criticism to the point of decrying both stars in personal vilification. Navigating the film, music, and media industries 20 years of doing – from the perspective of established parents, business founders and multi-hyphenated geniuses – will hopefully prove an antidote to any media negativity surrounding it. stop, We’ve got all our fingers crossed that the new film is widely acclaimed AirFor us and for the couple that gave us hope that our very own super-hot, rich, talented ex will be back in a few decades.

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