Are Hunter, Meghan Still Together From Farmer Wants A Wife Season 1? couple now

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If You Saw the Jaw-Dropping Finale, You May Be Wondering: Are Hunter and Meghan Still Together Farmer wants wife?

The premise of the show is quite simple. An unmarried farmer seeks a wife who comes from the city. The official synopsis is as follows: “Four farmers and 32 women meet and mutually decide whether a connection, love, or futures can be found, all in the setting of their farm.” Fox renewed the series in 2022 after it aired for one season on The CW in 2008. The series is set to air a second season after renewing it before the conclusion of the first season.

What was the fate of the farmer couple’s favourites, Hunter and Meghan? Are they still together after the finale? farmer wants wife aired? Well, we have a definite answer. Read more below to know.

Are Hunter & Meghan Still Together? Farmer wants wife?

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Image: Fox

Are Hunter & Meghan Still Together? farmer wants wife, Yep, and they’re still hitting it off well after the show’s finale. In the season finale, Hunter had to choose between Meghan and Sydney, but ultimately chose the former to be with. Although they are not engaged or have plans to get married, their relationship feels us.

Meghan left the season following the death of her grandfather and returned for the final episode. “I got a call asking if I wanted to come back, and I couldn’t put it down. I had to go back and see if Hunter still felt the same way I did when he left,” she told Fox. Told 4. “I said earlier that it’s up to my partner how they want to get married. I don’t really want to have a big wedding though. I feel like I can run away and do something fun with my future husband and come back and tell everyone that we are married.

She also told Hollywood Life that Hunter went above and beyond while she was grieving. “This was when my grandfather passed away. Hunter dropped everything to make sure I was okay and took me to the airport and made sure I was comfortable,” Meghan explained. We had just visited family, so obviously there were feelings, but I left right when those feelings were really starting to build. I had to choose. I had to come back to see if he felt the same way that I felt about him, so I guess it started there for me.

Through the ups and downs, Meghan and Hunter can’t wait to start their life away from the cameras. “Because it’s been six months since we left that farm [we haven’t] Able to go out in public. We could not go and have a nice dinner together. So now that it’s over, I hope he has plans for a good night.

farmer wants wife

Image: Fox

Hunter shares the same sentiment, and states that they can live their lives independently. “Now that all is said and done, we don’t have the pressure of doing something the production wants to film,” he shared. “We’ve got to go at our own pace now. It’s not ‘thrown into the fire’ and that’s what we need now. We’re going at our own pace. And I think it’s brought us together more as a team than ever before.” made strong.

The couple also gave Hollywood Life a timeline of their life beyond the TV show. “To me, and I think she would agree with me on this, we lived together for about 2 months, and right after that we would see each other here and there,” Hunter said. “She stayed for Thanksgiving. I went out to Midland and visited with her for a little bit, and then came back and spent a little bit of time together around Christmas. We went on a cruise together in January, but once We almost had to stop cold turkey after it came out. It was kind of like secret dating. Actually, it wasn’t. It Was secretly dating It’s hard when you’ve got a new relationship trying to stoke those flames and keep everything alive when you’re not together all the time. It’s hard and there’s no handbook on how to do it.”

“But I was immediately struck by her. I remember walking into the barn, and I didn’t even know which group of women was the group I was supposed to be paired with. I loved her smile and that little smile,” he said. remember seeing the grin and she was just smiling like a mule in that little red dress and she gave me a lot in the beginning. but i think she always kept me on my toes and from time to time Wasn’t afraid to check my line, and from time to time I mean every day. This sealed it for me.

But is the relationship real, or was it all just for show? “It’s real,” Hunter announced distraught. “And, you know, I think I’m very appreciative of that. We had times where we made each other want to crawl up a wall, but we kept coming back. And I think that everything What works is that we’re ready to meet back in the middle. And what they love most about each other: “I think her favorite line is that I can’t talk enough for the two of us.” I can.”

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