Anti-vaxxer Aaron Rodgers touted as NY Jets QB by J&J successor

As he was escorted through the New York Jets practice complex, newly anointed quarterback Aaron Rodgers couldn’t help but gaze at the solitary Super Bowl III trophy he’d preserved since Namath guaranteed it 54 years ago.

“I noticed the Super Bowl III trophy looking a little lonely as I walked in this morning,” Rodgers said during his introductory press conference.

It wasn’t as brutal as Namath’s chest-blowing declaration, but for a franchise that smelled of defeat before the turn of the millennium, that would be the kind of blinkered observation. Jets nation is thirsty for a morsel of hope. Rodgers Is The Biggest Acquisition Since Celebrating Tim Tebow front page of new york newspapers a decade ago.

Brett Favre said the right things before his only season as a Jet. Rodgers is a borderline fave cover band. The best time to be a Jets fan is generally the off-season. The worst time is in January. Gang Green Nation hasn’t felt the interior of the NFL post season since 2010The longest drought of any franchise in all four major American professional sports.

In terms of significant off-season opportunities, Rodgers’ debutant leads the field. Every quarterback has a positive approach on 1 and 10. Rodgers is getting paid to bring the Lombardi trophy to town. The real test for Rodgers will come when he takes the field in a meaningful game for the first time as a Jet.

The Jets were smart enough to keep their introductory press conference short. The New York media threaten Rodgers’ well-being. For the struggling quarterback, the city can be a cage. To winners, the world is their oyster.

Can Aaron Rodgers Lead The Jets To The Super Bowl?

Later, Rodgers talked to SNY’s Gene Coakley and doubled down by winking at the camera and sending the same message to the fanbase.

“I am also hungry like you guys. I know it’s been a long time since we’ve been to the playoffs and a long time since we’ve been to the Super Bowl, but I promise you I’m just as hungry as you guys,” Rodgers declared.

Either way, he knows how to throw a bone to a hungry dog. During his introductory presser, Rodgers carried himself like a man driving a new car. Just wait until he figures out the lingering issues, he finds out that Joe Douglas is not a brilliant talent evaluator, and that his offensive line is a mesh cover.

With any luck, this will be the last we hear from him for a long time. “Show don’t tell” should be his key mandate this season.

The boilerplate quotes he delivered by paraphrasing the introductory press conference assembly line are meaningless. Actions speak louder.