Anne Nolan opens up about rift with sisters Colleen, Linda and the late Bernie

Anne Nolan has revealed the truth about her famous four-year rift with her sisters. In a new interview, the singer revealed the family fight left her feeling an “overwhelming sense of betrayal” as she spoke heart-to-heart about being upset.

revealed: The Nolan sisters’ heartbreaking cancer battle told

The 72-year-old is believed to have warned her sisters after she shared details about their family feud in her upcoming autobiography new beginning But he is confident that this will not lead to another fight. “My book just tells my perspective of it, how I understood it and what I thought about it. I’m not going away or blaming anyone,” she told The Mirror’s Notebook magazine this week. Pointing out that her sisters had already openly discussed the fight on their own terms.” I told my sisters that something was going to happen in the fall and they said that was fine. If they don’t want to read it, they won’t read it.”

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Maureen, Anne, Bernie, Linda and Dennis Nolan at the hairdressers© Getty
the nolan sisters at the hairdressers
    The Nolan's Linda, Colleen, Bernie and Maureen seen on BBC Radio 2 © Getty
Linda, Colleen, Bernie and Maureen get together for a trip

In her book, Anne details the emotional moment she was not invited to The Nolan’s 2009 tour with Maureen, Linda, Colleen and Bernie. Her sister Denise was also not part of the family tour, but that didn’t make it any less upsetting for Anne.

The Nolan sisters pose together at London Heathrow Airport© Getty
The Nolan sisters pose together at London Heathrow Airport
Colleen Nolan, Linda Nolan, Maureen Nolan and Bernie Nolan performing together© Getty
Colleen Nolan, Linda Nolan, Maureen Nolan and Bernie Nolan performing together

Moving on, Anne said her sisters came together again and bonded over heartache when sister Bernie’s cancer came back. She said: “When we found out Bernie’s cancer had returned, we forgot we weren’t talking because we were there for him.” Unfortunately, Bernie passed away in 2013.

Close up of sisters Colleen, Bernie, Linda and Maureen posing together© Getty
Close up of sisters Colleen, Bernie, Linda and Maureen posing together
Linda and Anne Nolan appearing via video link on Lorraine with shaved heads© ITV/REX/Shutterstock
Anne Nolan and sister Linda had chemotherapy at the same time in 2020

Since then, the sisters have been close and have followed their great downfall. “My sisters and I are really good friends,” she said. “When you’re with family, you can be apart, but even at times when we didn’t like each other very much, we still loved each other. It’s a feeling you can help can not do.

Maureen, Bernie, Linda and Colleen Nolan huddled together on an old shoot© Getty
Maureen, Bernie, Linda and Colleen Nolan posing together in a throwback shoot photo

The fall of the Nolan sisters was very public. Earlier, his sister Coleen spoke about the family rift on Loose Women during a discussion about her fallout with Prince Harry and the royal family. “It’s been well documented that my sisters and I had a falling out. We didn’t speak for about four years—that’s a long time,” admitted Colleen. “But, at that point, every single person I had was saying to me ‘but this is your family’. I figured it can’t always be like this with family. Sometimes you have to think, if they were friends, I probably won’t talk to him about what happened and what was said.”

Linda Anne Nolan© ITV
Linda and Anne experience a heartbreaking cancer battle
Colleen Nolan on ITV's Loose Women© ITV
Colleen has spoken before about fighting with her sisters

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He said: “When Bernie died, it put everything into perspective… We never talk about our fall anymore. We never think again about what it was or how we fell , because it doesn’t make any sense.”

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