Anita Baker Beef With Babyface Fans Online

On Sunday, it was revealed that Anita decided to speak out on the babyface situation.

She initially announced that her “support act” was set to perform, but a “technical issue” eventually got in the way. However, Anita clarified that she personally has nothing to do with the matter.

Ms. Baker s drew some criticism for referring to Babyface as an “support act,” though she was unfazed and doubled down.

“Yeah Babyface is the special guest/support act on my tour. This false story of a co-headliner is creating unrealistic expectations and aggression towards me from their fans.

He also said, “He should tell you the truth.” Oops!

In another tweet, he said that Babyface’s fans are not accepting the fact that he has been signed as a special guest/support. [her] Travel.”