Angel Brinks addresses criticism of boyfriend Rockstar

in the latest episode of step into the shadow room, designer and reality television star Angel Brinks shows off her stunning “dream” mansion. Also discusses her entrepreneurial journey, fashion design, reality television and more with host Thembi.

The 40-year-old’s passion for fashion was sparked while studying performing arts at school. Brinks took an interest in stagewear and soon began sewing. As she got older, Brinks made hard work a priority and launched her signature designs and storefronts. Brinks has worked with Missy Elliott, Lil’ Kim, Xscape, Mary J.J. Blige, and more!

In addition to impersonating celebrities, Brinks also appeared on the reality television series ‘Basketball Wives’ over the years, where their romantic relationship became significant for viewers and fans. Brinks shared what she thinks about fan opinion and what her time on the reality series has been like so far.

Angel Brinks fans’ criticism of her relationship with Rockstar

Brinks acknowledged fan criticism of her boyfriend Roxstar, explaining that despite the negative reaction, their relationship has been “amazing”.

It’s been amazing… you have to find someone who has the same values ​​as you [with] And you share similar goals, ethics, lifestyle… Roc is very driven. He’s always got his hands on something… and he’s just like me.

Brinks further stated that they “don’t really pay attention to what people say.”

“I’m sure a lot of people have a lot to say…they always do…but our dynamic is good. We really laugh all day long…so we have a really good time …”

Additionally, Brinks ended by explaining that the pair recently welcomed a son, as reported by People. However, blending the two worlds has never been an issue for their family, despite being parents to children from prior relationships.

“When we come together, it’s just one big happy family.”

Reality star talks return to ‘Basketball Wives’

Plus, Brinks also addressed her return to ‘Basketball Wives’. She shared that despite receiving a harsh reception during her first season, when she returned to the show years later, her classmates “respected” her.

“At first, they were like ‘Shut up… you don’t know what you’re talkin’ about…’ So coming in, they didn’t respect me… I think that’s just for women.” Together, we probably feel like we don’t want new friends… And I feel like that’s how they met, they didn’t really accept me. And I don’t know exactly why…”

However, Brinks ended by explaining upon her return, she came with a “vengeance”.

“I was like, you know, I’m coming back and I’m going with a vengeance. And they were so nice and so respectful, so it worked out.

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