Andy Cohen disses Howie Mandel after interviewing Tom Sandoval

Andy Cohen blasts Howie Mendel after interviewing Tom Sandoval

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Kicked out of the clubhouse? Andy Cohen called out Howie Mandel shortly after his explosive podcast interview tom sandoval – and he did not lag behind.

most talkative The author, 54, referenced Mandel, 67, during the Tuesday, April 11 episode of Watch what happens live with Andy Cohen, “Tonight’s Jackhole [of the Day] Goes to the fact that Howie Mandel clearly didn’t know what he was doing with his interview with Tom Sandoval today,” the producer teased. “Because it looks like maybe he didn’t do his homework?”

Cohen later played a clip from the “Howie Mandel Does Stuff” episode, which dropped earlier on Tuesday. In audio, Mandel not recognized vanderpump rules Cast members narrated by Sandoval, 40, when he shared his side of the story about his cheating scandal Raquel Lewis,

“Now both Sandoval and Howie are being dragged on social media,” Cohen said. “Howie, you have to be careful before you take sides. Bravo fans are very passionate.

Andy Cohen blasts Howie Mandel after Tom Sandoval interview 2

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The Emmy winner previously said via interview Twitterwas responding to a social media user who encouraged him to invite Mandel WWHL “To explain myself.” Cohen replied on Tuesday: “Or not.”

Sandoval’s podcast appearance marked the first time she spoke in depth about her relationship with Lewis, 28, who has been dubbed “Scandoval” since making headlines in March. us weekly confirmed last month that the former SUR bartender and ariana madix Called it off after nine years of dating because of his infidelity.

Both Sandoval and Lewis issued public statements on the play and apologized to Maddix, 37, for their actions. During his conversation with Mandel, however, the TomTom co-owner claimed that he and Maddix had broken up weeks before news of their affair went viral.

“Like many relationships, it felt like this one became like best friends, family [thing] — sometimes roommates,” he argued. “There were so many ways where the relationship lacked intimacy, connectedness. We would travel more by ourselves than travel together. For the time being were like a life of their own.

Tom Sandoval Ariana Madix Raquel Lewis

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The Schwartz & Sandy cofounder said his life was feeling “bleak” as he turned 40 in July 2022. I started feeling trapped. I started thinking like, ‘I don’t need this house, I don’t need this s–t, but I think I need to make a change to feel inspired, to feel optimistic again, ‘ ‘They said.

According to Sandoval, he attempted to break up with Maddix on Valentine’s Day—without coming clean about Lewis at the time—but the Florida native was “in denial” about ending the relationship. “Obviously, she was very upset. She punched me and all that,” he alleged. “A few days later, I sat down and talked with her again, and she said, ‘I’m not going to let you leave me. am. You have to force me out of this relationship.’”

The Bravolebrity noted that during the breakup talks with Maddix he was still involved with Lewis, who was none the wiser. “I was watching Raquel as many times as I could. I know it feels terrible,” he said. “And having to face her all the time. And Ariana didn’t even notice because our lives were just so different. I actually had to tell her, ‘How come you didn’t care? How far have I gone lately?’

Madix has yet to comment on Sandoval’s interview. She broke her silence on the scandal last month via Instagram, writing, “That which doesn’t kill me better walk away.”