Analyst reveals contract status between Cowboys and Tony Pollard

Tony Pollard of the Dallas Cowboys carries the ball during the 3rd quarter against the #20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium on January 16, 2023 in Tampa, Florida.
(Photo by Mike Ehrman/Getty Images)

The Dallas Cowboys have finished with a 12–5 record over the past two seasons, but they have come up just short of a playoff spot.

Hoping to recapture their glory of decades ago, they made some key changes this offseason, firing star running back Ezekiel Elliott while adding wide receiver Brandin Cooks and cornerback Stephon Gilmore.

Those two additions sparked excitement among Cowboys fans, but Tony Pollard, their new stalwart, likely won’t get a new contract until the July 17 deadline.

Pollard is currently under the franchise tag of Dallas, and if he doesn’t reach an agreement with the team on a new contract in time, he will become a free agent after the end of this season.

While Elliott has begun to show a decline in his production and efficiency, Pollard blossomed in 2022 by rushing for 1,007 yards and nine touchdowns and adding 371 yards and three touchdowns in the air.

That production earned him his first trip to the Pro Bowl.

The running back market has declined greatly in recent years as teams throw the football more and more while giving less importance to tailbacks.

This may have led to letting go of players like Delvin Cooks, who has made the Pro Bowl for four consecutive seasons.

Still, if the Cowboys lose Pollard next season, it would be a major blow to their Super Bowl hopes, as last year they ranked sixth in rushing attempts.

They haven’t won it all since the 1995 season, and they haven’t even been to the NFC Championship Game since.

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