AMC Burbank 16 theaters evacuated as fire alarm disrupts Barbenheimer weekend, reports Deadline

oppenheimer And barbie Movie-goers are back in theaters, but people attending a showing at AMC Burbank 16 in California were evacuated after a fire broke out at the establishment.

Videos of a large number of people being escorted out of the theater went viral on social media and many people did not understand what was happening.

A patron of AMC took to social media to express his frustration for the lack of communication from the staff.

“Yo @AMCTheatres. We had a sudden evacuation due to a fire in the Burbank 16 location building. But no alarm rang. No staff came to tell us,” read do, “The house lights just came on and another moviegoer came to know that there was a fire. I really hope this isn’t your normal fire protocol.”

Ellen from AMC Guest Services gave the customer the following reply: “It’s definitely not ideal, and I’m sorry to hear that! If you’d like to DM us and provide your email address or confirmation number associated with your trip, we’d look into it for you.

From the many accounts that shared their experiences at AMC Burbank 16, it is unclear whether there was a fire or it was a false alarm.

Deadline has reached out to AMC Theaters and will update the story when we hear back.

Another patron shared a video of the crowd being evacuated outside AMC Burbank 16. The customer stated that the fire department left the location but the establishment did not reopen.

Another user said that only 30 minutes are left barbie When the fire alarm rang.