All Box Office Records Broken – Deadline

While Hollywood studios and the WGA and SAG-AFTRA are at an impasse in labor talks — streaming remains a major point of contention — the theatrical side of the business has exploded. barbenheimer earning together $511M Whole world, $235.5M his being domestic. Never before in the history of Hollywood movies have two films grossed $100M+ and $50M respectively at the domestic box office.

By Sunday, Warner Bros. barbie While Universal’s domestic opening is $155 million and $182 million overseas oppenheimer It earned $80.5 million domestically and $93.7 million overseas.

ComScore This AM says all films grossed $301.6 million this weekend, marking only the fourth time in the industry that the domestic market for all pictures has exceeded $300 million. This is the biggest opening since December 17, 2021 Spider-Man: No Way Home led all photos ($281.8m) and the biggest since before the pandemic, that was April 26, 2019, when avengers: end game All titles brought an all-time record opening weekend total of $357 million.

Below is a list of the records that both pictures broke this weekend:


-2023 Biggest domestic opening of the year so far, best Super Mario Bros.‘$146.4 3-day weekend.

$49.5 million, the biggest advance sale ever for Warner Bros.

Largest pre-show of -2023 YTD, priced at $17.5 million Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania And Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3,

-Biggest Grossing Day of 2023 YTD, $70.8M, Best super mario bros movieis $54.8M.

Biggest opening at the state level for a film directed by a woman, Zabardast captain marvelis $153.4M.

Second biggest opening for a film by a female filmmaker captain marvelGlobal opening of $456.6 million (not adjusted for currency fluctuations and inflation).

Biggest non-sequel, non-remake film released in July the secret life of pets‘$104.4M raised in 2016.

-Biggest domestic debut for Greta Gerwig as director (ex: little lady – $16.8 million)

-Biggest Domestic Opening for Margot Robbie (Ex: suicide squad – $133.7 million)

-Biggest Domestic Opening for Ryan Gosling (Ex: blade runner 2049 – $32.8 million)

-Foreigner, barbie It is the biggest launch for Gerwig, Gosling and Robbie.

-Biggest opening weekend for a toy-based movie (ex: Transformers: Dark of the Moon – $115.9 million)

-Biggest WB Non-Sequel/Non-DC Opening (Ex: This – $123.4 million)

,barbie has already surpassed the lifetime gross of many other female lead films including ocean 8 ($297.7 million)bird of prey ($205.3 million) and little Women ($218.8 million),


-Christopher Nolan’s third highest-grossing opening weekend of all time, both global and domestic the dark Knight Rises ($249 million, $161 million ) and dark Knight ($198 million, $158 million).

-Biggest ever global day and opening weekend to date for biopic outpegging Bohemian Rhapsody ($124 million). According to Stateside, it is the third biggest opening for a biopic. american sniper ($89.2 million) and passion of christ ($83.8 million).

-Biggest global opening for a drama since 2019 Creed III ($100.2 million).

Highest-grossing opening weekend for an R-rated film YTD John Wick: Chapter 4 ($73.8 million).

-The biggest IMAX opening for a Christopher Nolan film and the biggest IMAX opening for a Universal title in the US and Canada overall with $21.1M for July and 2023 YTD.

Third-biggest international BO opening for a Nolan film in terms of like-for-like dark Knight Rises ($131 million) and dark Knight ($94.2 million). IMAX grossed an international total of $13.9 million from only 329 screens, making it the biggest IMAX opening for Nolan in the month of July and the biggest IMAX weekend in Mexico, India, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, New Zealand and the Czech Republic.

-Biggest non-superhero Nolan opening weekend in 55 markets, including the UK and Ireland, France, Germany, Australia, Mexico, Spain and Brazil.

-Biggest opening day for a Nolan film in 33 markets including Saudi Arabia, UAE India, Netherlands, Argentina and Belgium.