Alabama’s Nick Saban Made Sure You Knew He Was In The NFL Draft

Where to get ballet slippers pink suit?  asking for a friend.

Where to get ballet slippers pink suit? asking for a friend.
image, AP

I see what you’re doing Nick Saban. You knew you were going to get two players top five picks in the NFL Draft, and you weren’t going to let that recruiting opportunity go to waste. It was time to remind the world who the true boss is in college football.

So what if Kirby Smart has won the last two national championships, Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide produced the first offensive and defensive players selected in the draft. Unless Smart decides to start an actual live explosive football player at quarterback, he will never be able to sell recruits. Being that he doesn’t center those types of players, he certainly doesn’t have to have the swag to pull off Saban’s outfit from Day 1 of the 2023 NFL Draft.

everyone looks at nick

When the draft of the broadcast showed Bryce Young’s field in the green room — aka the lobby at Kansas City’s Union Station — Saban looked at the group like he was on camera.On Godfather. I know the throwback style of the aughts is making a comeback, but a pink sports jacket and tie, someone wanted to look different on a Thursday night.

That’s a true salesman, right there folks. when chosen by jalen carter philadelphia eaglesIf you blink, you’ll miss the smartly dressed speaker at CPAC. Saban certainly has a reputation for being a tough ass, but he’s also gone viral doing the Cupid Shuffle at a rookie’s house — and very well I might add. I wonder if Saban, of the many on the Alabama football staff, has a quality control assistant in charge of keeping him crisp on the line dances he must perform on the recruiting trail.

recruitment never stops

In the era of zero, no potential profit should be discovered. Athens is definitely a more active college town than Tuscaloosa, and also has a celebrity fan base that’s much related to a teenager than anyone seen on Alabama’s sidelines other than former players.

Alabama lost the SEC last year, but it won the recruiting war. Rivals and 24/7 Sports both ranked The Tide’s 2023 class as the best in America. Saban may be nearly 25 years older than Smart, but he’s not ready to give up his throne as the godfather of college football quite yet.

The costume choice was an alpha move. He turned up for over 50 nights at the Kansas City jazz joint. With Young and Will Anderson going No. 1 and No. 3, he is using draft night as a national television advertisement. He’s telling recruits, “Yeah, you can go to Georgia, but the guy with the master plan is in Alabama.”