Adam Silver Shares Morant Gun-Flashing Investigation Update

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is sharing a brief update regarding the investigation into Ja Morant’s second gun-flashing incident. As The Shade Room previously reported, Morant was suspended from “all team activities.” This happened shortly after May showed off the weapon on Instagram Live.

According to The Shade Room, the incident mirrors a similar one in March when Morant was at a Colorado strip club.

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NBA commissioner Adam Silver shared the update during a recent press conference

According to CNN, Silver shared the update while speaking to reporters during a press conference on Thursday. During his statements, he revealed that the NBA has “disclosed a fair amount of additional information” on Morant’s recent actions.

“In terms of timing, I think we’ve disclosed a fair amount of additional information…”

Silver said the NBA could have brought the investigation’s finding to a “head”. However, the organization would hold off on announcing “the results of that investigation” until the conclusion of the NBA Finals.

“I would say we probably could have brought it to a head right now, but we decided and I believe the players’ union agrees with us that it would be unfair for these players and these teams to announce results in the middle of this series. ” After the conclusion of the … final of that investigation … “

In addition, Silver also mentioned that Morant has now been suspended “indefinitely” from the Memphis Grizzlies.

“… and given that we’re definitely in the offseason, he’s now been suspended indefinitely by the Memphis Grizzlies, so nothing should have changed over the next few weeks.”

According to CNN, the NBA Finals could end on June 9 or 18.

Ja Morant takes a break from social media amid NBA suspension

As Silver awaits the conclusion of the NBA Finals, Morant has apparently abstained from using social media altogether. He revealed that he is “taking a break from social media” after police investigate the basketball player’s health.

This occurred on May 24 and prompted Morant to share now-deleted goodbye messages to his family members.