Activists physically save Detroiter with kidney disease from eviction

In Detroit, a situation is unfolding actively as protesters protect a black woman with stage five kidney disease from being evicted from her small low-income home.

Taura Brown says she is subject to ‘retaliatory evictions’

Detroit Metro Times reported the matter on Monday and noted that protesters were defending a 44-year-old woman taura brown What is being called a “retaliatory eviction”.

According to Brown, he is being ousted in response to accusing Rev. Faith Fowler—the director of the non-profit that designed the homes—of fraud. We should also mention that non-payment of rent No a factor in this case.

While Fowler says the decision is due to Brown not using the home as his primary residence, the resident described the allegation as “bulls**t”.

“At this point, we’re in home defense. I’m going to fight this because it’s bullsh**t… I’m not going to.

She also notes that she worries that her health could be negatively affected if she is fired.

“I’m lucky to wake up every day, and I make the most of my life because I don’t know when it’s going to end. If I don’t get a transplant, it might.

As a result, community members rallied around Brown, with Bob Day — a retired attorney and housing activist — calling Fowler “a non-profit poverty broker, a white savior, a white supremacist who treats people like cr*p.” refers to as”.

Detroit workers defend home amid ongoing mayhem

Detroit Metro Times investigative reporter Steve Neveling shared more details on the case Tuesday morning. Specifically, Neveling shared on-scene footage showing “housing workers defending sick black woman from eviction.

In the initial video, viewers can hear workers making comments such as “She’s on dialysis” and “You’re going to f**king kill her” as bailiffs try to evict Brown.

The bailiffs then began trying to knock down the door, and the activists responded by physically intervening and pushing back against them. In turn, bailiffs also began to develop more physically.

The scuffle continued to such an extent that “Detroit police told the bailiffs that they were too aggressive.”

As the bailiffs were removed, one protester in particular referred to them as “cheap-shottin’ pieces of s**t”.

However, Neveling reports that the bailiffs later returned with “some more help” “ready to break down the wall of home guards once more”.

He also said, “With more help, the bailiff threatened the protesters saying, ‘Either you leave now or someone will need to call EMS.’

As time went on, another video showed bailiffs becoming increasingly “violent” against the Home Defenders. Steve Newling said, ‘Police keep stopping them saying they are ‘acting in an unprofessional manner’.

There is no further update on the status at this time.