Abuse, Predators, and More Allegations

“He [allegedly] He tried to convince the women he was dating to surgically remove one of his ribs so he could eat it.

What he wants, however, is to own those women. He wants them to obey him—not because he’s paying them, but because they want to. It’s a sexual thing for him (as is the case with many serial killers). But I think that volunteering is a big part of the appeal of them.”


Another interesting addition to this story:

“Armie Hammer’s grandfather was an industrialist and oil baron named Armand Hammer. No, Arm & Hammer baking soda was not named after him, and no, he did not own the company that manufactures it. But often people used to ask him if it was the case, that in the 80s he Have not purchased a controlling interest in the company for any reason other than being able to answer ‘yes’.

Armie Hammer’s family has more money than God is what I’m trying to say! If Armie Hammer really desires to eat human flesh? Then, I promise you that Armie Hammer ate human flesh.”

-Hellblazer Prime