76ers’ James Harden slaps man outside Las Vegas hotel/casino

fear the Beard?

fear the Beard?
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imagine you are james harden – former league MVP, future Hall of Famer, and current member of the Philadelphia 76ers, A team with a legitimate chance to bring the City of Brotherly Love Its the first NBA title in 40 years, and you’re the first ring of a long career. What is your main focus right now? after cutting facial hair because it’s hard to concentrate when it smells of something the four die What’s up inches below your mouth, day-to-day? The primary concern of any logical person is getting healthy and getting as prepared as possible for the Boston club that has owned the Sixers for at least 40 years. One thing you definitely aren’t going to do is squeeze in a quick trip to Las Vegas where you are seen slapping another person outside a nightclub.

What's that saying about idle hands?

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Yeah, umm, you see… that’s exactly what happened. The 76ers have been off since sweeping the Brooklyn Nets on April 22, and are set to begin a series against the beleaguered Celtics on Monday, but early last Monday, Harden was accosted by a man outside a Vegas nightclub and casino. Seen arguing with and then opened up – slapping him with the hand, TMZ reported,

according to the New York Post Storysixers The guard didn’t miss any team-related activities or practices, the police weren’t called, and the person who got slapped is a member of Harden’s people. (For how long, I don’t know, but I have a million questions about being a member of Harden’s people, and the kind of guy who lectures you about as much anger as you can, and then gives you a quick wake-up call.) Call face.)

Because this is James Harden, and he’s had as much of a career in the clubs as he does on the court, he will Definitely gets overexcited and is seen as another sign that he shouldn’t be taken seriously. I know he did nothing criminally wrong, yet he may have beaten up his teammates, Doc Rivers and Sixers fans as well.

This lack of self-awareness would be downright shocking if it weren’t so on-brand for Harden. So, good luck to the angry people of Philadelphia, and I hope Joel Embiid — and those draft report cards — are enough to get you through this next round, or at the very least offset Joe Harden’s 9th symphony. is installing.