6 Travel Product Honest Reviews


—It’s really spacious.

– The padded handle makes it really easy and comfortable to carry. As someone who’s spent a lot of time walking through airports, I definitely appreciate this feature.

—Weight Indicator!!!!

—So many pockets and dividers that staying organized is super easy.


—It spoils very easily. Since I didn’t have any trips coming up for a while, I let my mom borrow this suitcase so she could have a quick trip. After just that one trip, the outer shell started to look pretty bad. The rubber part is also damaged. I spent two hours scrubbing it with dish soap and water then a magic eraser sponge before it got somewhat back to normal. Although there are still some traces left.

– TSA lock is hard to locate. I tried hard to reset the code, and I’m still having trouble getting it to shut down normally.

final thoughts:

My mom told me it was “the best suitcase ever!” However, we both agreed that the melee was a huge downside. At this price point, I would have expected it to be a bit more flexible or at least easier to clean. If I could go back, I’d probably choose black instead. I then ended up buying a luggage cover for an additional $44 in the hopes that it would prevent further wear and damage in the future.

Overall, though, I really love the inside of the suitcase, which is what really counts. I got so fit without even using an extension cord or going over the weight limit. Plus, I love having the weight indicator!

Rating: 4/5