10 sports figures we’d like to spend 4/20 with

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There is something communal in smoking ganja. Whether in a bar or at a house party, one of my favorite parts of any evening of drinking is to enter an inconspicuous alleyway and crowd that right head before re-entering, cracking jokes, coughing, and guffawing. To traverse is to pass around a joint. And red eyed.

While vape pens have only slightly ruined the circle of smokers, I expect a resurgence after half of the Gen Z cops are diagnosed with throat cancer. I’m not sure why I yelled at that cloud, but it could be that my head is constantly in the clouds, thus making me prone to distractions and bouts of paranoia.

Oh, now I remember why I mentioned sharing some trees with my friends—it’s not a symbolic holiday, but a symbolic holiday, and I thought that weed head equivalent of a perfect dinner party or round of golf. Sharing would be a good idea.

However, before I begin, I have been told that I need to issue a disclaimer to avoid any legal problems. I have no evidence that anyone on this list smokes (and there are a few jokes specifically that these people need a little THC in their lives). The names mentioned are purely speculation and based on my long history of being toast. Takes one to know one, doesn’t it?

So, without further claptrap, here are the sports figures I want to get high with, or just get high with.